As you may know, there is no cure or standard treatment for skin disorders such as psoriasis and vitiligo. However, Narrowband UVB 311nm Phototherapy has been proven to return affected areas of the skin to a more normal, healthy appearance in a relatively short period of time for the majority of individuals who've used this method of treatment.  UVB Phototherapy can also be used during remission to maintain normal skin development.

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Psoriasis. The result of dry, red, and scaly patches of skin from disorders such as psoriasis is caused by rapid skin cell growth. Normal skin cells take about a month to grow and rise to the surface of the skin. With psoriasis, the skin cells grow in just a few days and continuously pile up to the skins surface.  The UVB lamp delivers a narrowband artificial ultraviolet-b light to affected areas of the skin to slow cell growth. Artificial Narrowband Ultraviolet-B light in the 311nm range has proven effective as a standalone treatment for psoriasis and is recommended by doctors worldwide.

Vitiligo. Vitiligo occurs when skin cells (melanocytes) that produce color (pigment) are destroyed, resulting in white patches on the skin surface. UVB phototherapy emits a narrow-band wavelength of artificial ultraviolet light to the affected areas to stimulate the production of pigment cells. Used as a standalone method or with topical medication prescribed by your doctor, UVB phototherapy is now a leading choice of treatment for vitiligo.

For Best Results
Clearer, more normal looking skin can be achieved by setting up a consistent treatment schedule and by following directions and dosing schedules provided by your doctor.

Never treat unaffected areas of the skin and scalp, and UV goggles (provided) must be worn during treatment.


The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) light radiation in the form of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C wavelengths. About 90-95% of light that reaches the earth's surface is in the form of UV-A rays, the long-wavelength of light that has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. While UV-C (short wavelength) light is most damaging, it is absorbed in our atmosphere before it reaches the surface of the earth. Most of the medium-wavelength rays (UV-B) from the sun are also absorbed, and the portion that does reach the earth's surface is only capable of penetrating the superficial layers of our skin.

Although prolonged UVA and UVB exposure are known to have damaging effects on the skin, including skin cancer, in small doses both are therapeutic and are often prescribed to treat various skin disorders. Light therapy using special artificial UVB 311nm bulbs is considered more suited to treat mild to moderate psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema), and does not require multiple hours of daily exposure that would be needed under natural sunlight.

Our Products Use Genuine Philips Bulbs

With Philips UVB 311nm bulbs, a narrow-band wavelength of ultraviolet-b light is delivered to affected areas of the skin for a short period of time. Treatment times will vary for each individual depending on skin type and severity of the skin disorder, but a typical plan begins with less than a minute of exposure for the first treatment and gradually increasing exposure times in very small increments (seconds) daily over a two week period.

To achieve maximum benefits from this method of therapy, only a doctor can determine a safe and effective dosing schedule for your skin disorder.

Courses of phototherapy treatment should never exceed more than two weeks at a time, and we strongly recommend following a dosing schedule set up by your doctor.

Medical experts recommend using sunscreen on unaffected areas of the skin surrounding the areas that are treated with phototherapy to protect the normal skin cells. Regular natural sun exposure should also be limited during courses of phototherapy to avoid potential overexposure side effects such as burning.

Because our eyes are highly sensitive to UV-B rays, all products in our online store ship with protective eyewear. The goggles are ANSI-rated and shield 99.9% of UV-B rays. Eye protection must be worn by both the individual administering the therapy and the individual receiving the therapy during phototherapy sessions.

NOTE: All UVB devices in our online store ship with 1 pair of UV goggles. Extra pairs of goggles can be purchased along with UVB phototherapy device purchase only for orders shipping from USA. For orders shipping from the manufacturer, extra goggles can be purchased from your local home improvement store (be sure they are ANSI-rated for UVB exposure).

There is no cure for skin disorders such as psoriasis and vitiligo, but narrowband UVB (311 nm) light therapy has proven effective in returning skin to a healthy looking appearance (remission) by treating the underlying cause. UVB phototherapy can also be used during remission to prolong normal skin cell development.  If you are currently receiving UVB treatment at a clinic or doctor's office, talk to your doctor today about at-home treatment.

All UVB Phototherapy products in our UVB Shop are FDA 510 (K) cleared for prescription use in the United States (K132643).  110v model Orders shipping to a USA location require a completed Doctor Authorization Form.  Visit our Forms page for further details.

We cannot advise you about UVB treatment. Please consult with your doctor before starting UVB Phototherapy Treatment.

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