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Yes, all UVB phototherapy lamps in our collection are FDA 510 (K) cleared (FDA K132643).

The UVB Lamps we sell all use narrowband UVB (311nm) Philips bulbs. The difference between the devices is the style. Visit our online UVB Shop where you can compare all the products in our store and view a description of each.

In terms of style, only you can determine which model you would be most comfortable using or which is right for you. In terms of treatment, we recommend consulting with your doctor to determine if this method of treatment is the best for your skin condition.

The UVB Lamps we sell only use Philips bulbs. Philips rates the normal life of the bulb for 1,000 hours; the UVB Lamp manufacturer recommends replacing the bulb after 350 hours of use.

If you purchased a UVB Phototherapy device from us, we do have replacement bulbs available for purchase. Please email replacement bulb request to

Yes. All phototherapy devices we sell emit a narrowband ultraviolet-B (UVB) 311nm wavelength, which is considered a therapeutic level for the treatment of various skin conditions when used properly. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor to determine whether UVB phototherapy is the right treatment for you.

Only your doctor can determine whether UVB phototherapy treatment is appropriate for you if your skin condition is currently being treated (or has recently been treated) with another method.

Understand that we are not authorized to advise about treatment. Only your doctor can determine a most effective, safe, and appropriate dosing schedule for your skin disorder.


We don't know. Please contact your health insurance provider.


Yes.  GrivaMa 272 Pro Hair Growth System was awarded FDA Clearance in August 2017 (K171895) For full details please visit our GrivaMax FDA 510(K) page.

Low level laser therapy – therapy based on the therapeutic effects of low-intensity laser light.

Low-intensity laser light (about 650 nm) speeds up the metabolic exchange and circulation of hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Yes, a number of scientific studies have proven efficacy of LLLT for hair loss.

No, currently there is no information about any side effects. However, Laser GrivaMax Cap is not recommended for use by children under the age of 18 years.

The duration of treatment GrivaMax Laser Cap ranges from 20 to 40 minutes. In our cap, for convenience, is a preset automatic timer for 30 minutes.

With regular use of GrivaMax Laser Cap, hair improvement occurs within 12-25 weeks. Individual results vary.

Yes. GrivaMax Laser Cap is suitable for the treatment and prevention of hair loss for both men and women.

Yes, and it is recommended. Today, there is no information on the incompatibility of LLLT and Minoxidil.

Yes, GrivaMax™ 272 Pro Laser Cap was specifically designed for use in the home.

If you are pregnant, you must consult with your doctor before using the GrivaMax™ 272 Pro Laser Cap.

GrivaMax™ 272 Pro Laser Cap has undergone rigorous testing by the FDA to prove substantial equivalency to an existing comparable laser cap that is legally marketed for the same purpose. We hold our manufacturer to the highest standards of quality production and specifications.

No, you can use any shampoo as usual.

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