UVB Lamp Forms

As a distributor, all UVB phototherapy products ship direct from the manufacturer (Kernel).  Kernel is responsible for collection of any required forms from customer.  Should FedEx require a customs form, please contact us with your order number and we will provide the necessary form to you.  FedEx will provide a special email address to you to forward the form to.

    USA Medical Doctor Purchases

    If you are a medical doctor practicing in the USA, and are purchasing a UVB phototherapy product to administer treatment in your office  At time of purchase, complete and sign the Doctor Information section of the Doctor Authorization Form; check the "UVB Lamp is for Medical Office Use" checkbox, sign, and date.

    If you are referring a patient to our website, please complete Patient and Doctor information sections of the form, include patient's email address so we can contact them.


    UVB Phototherapy Product Specification Sheets

    UVB Phototherapy Lamp

    UVB Phototherapy Lamp w/ LCD Timer

    Stationary UVB Phototherapy Lamp (B)

    Stationary UVB Phototherapy Lamp (BL)

    Tabletop UVB Phototherapy Lamp

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